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Valorant Episode 4 Act 3 Battlepass skins reveal | Valorant new battle pass

Valorant's new ACT is coming soon and as with every new Act, a new battle pass is also coming. Act 2 of the current Episode will end on April 27th and the new ACT will be released on April 28th. This new patch will bring major agent balancing changes, new agent 'FADE', new battlepass and some other fixes.

Valorant Episode 4 Act 3 battlepass leaks and preview -

.SYS Skinline-

This collection will have skins for Vandal, Sheriff, Stinger and Bucky. The knife of this battlepass will also be of this skin line and will be an axe. This collection is based on red and black theme.

Valorant episode 4 act 3 battlepass

Hue Shift Skinline-

This collection will has skins for Phantom, Spectre, Bulldog and Shorty. These skins will have pink and grey theme.

Valorant episode 4 act 3 battlepass

Coalition: Cobra Skins-

This collection will feature skins for Frenzy, Judge, Marshall and Odin. These skins will have four colour variations- green, blue, orange and red.

Is this battlepass worth it? The answer to this question is purely depend on your taste. But overall, this Act's battlepass does not have any eye catching collection and the knife is also not very special for most of the players.


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