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Fade Valorant's new agent abilities and gameplay reveal and explained

Valorant has revealed their newest agent, FADE. She will be the 20th agent of the Valorant and will be an initiator. Riot revealed their new agent FADE on the grand final day of VCT 2022 Stage 1 Masters. Fade will be released in the game along with Episode 4 Act 3.

Valorant new agent Fade ability and gameplay

Fade is an agent from Istanbul, turkey, the developers tried to design her character as a loner and a hunter who striker fear among her foes. Fade will be an initiator agent and her kit is based around a new 'tracking mechanic'. Her abilities and playstyle are a bit complex, but Fade can replace almost any other initiator in the lineup. So far fans are very much loving her design and personality after the first reveal.

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Fade ability reveal and guide-

Fade's ability is based on her hunting and tracking of other agents, her kit will offer position reveal, tracking, crowd control, decay and blind.

Prowler (C)-

Fade will send prowler in a straight line Prowler can be controlled similar to Sky flash. Once Prowler will see an enemy it will charge towards the enemy and nearsight them on contact.

Prowler can be destroyed, Fade will have two charges of this ability.

Seize (Q)-

Fade will throw an Orb, on landing it will tether the enemy in an certain AOE. Tethered enemy will be decayed (75 HP) and will not be able to leave the AOE of Seize.

Hound (E)-

This will be Fade's signature ability, Faze will throw an Orb at a location. On landing it will reveal the location of enemies similar to a Sova dart, the detected enemies will be marked. This ability can be broken before detecting and will have a 45sec cooldown.

Marked enemies will leave a trail behind wherever they move for a certain amount of time. A Prowler if used near a marked trail, it will follow the trail to track marked enemy.

Nightfall (Ultimate)-

Fade will fire a wave of mist in an large AOE (similar to Breach's ultimate), the enemies affected will get deafen, Decayed, Marked and will not be able to see Map.

Decayed enemy will lose 75HP instantly but will regain health gradually.

Why Fade is broken and overpowered-

Fade is available for the content creators to play and test out before the official release, and by seeing the gameplay it is without a doubt clear that at the point of her release she will be broken and overpowered.

These are some of the reasons why she can be considered overpowered during her initial release. Two Prowler charges, instant decay for 75 HP, marked duration is very long, ultimate ahs a very large AOE. These are just our thoughts on Fade and can differ from the views of other players.


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