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Gen.G vs Sentinels in the Grand Final of VCT Masters Madrid

Gen.G and Sentinels will have their rematch against each other in the grand final of the VCT 2024 Madrid Masters. Paper Rex finished the Masters with a 3rd place finish and $65K, and LOUD finished with a 4th place finish and $35K.

Gen.g vs sentinels in final of Madrid Masters

The Grand Finals of VCT Madrid Master will be played on Sunday, March 24th. It will be a best of 5 series and as the higher seed, Gen.G will get the advantage to ban 2 maps. This will be a revenge match for Sentinels. The winner of the Madrid Masters will receive $250,000.

VCT Masters Madrid: Playoffs Result

Gen.G beat Sentinels 2-1 in the upper bracket finals and qualified for the grand finals. Gen.G dropped Sentinels to the lower bracket finals.

  • Split 13-5

  • Lotus 7-13

  • Breeze 13-3

In the lower bracket semi-final Paper Rex and LOUD faced each other in an elimination game. PRX won this matchup in two straight maps and moved onto the lower bracket final

  • Ascent 13-11

  • Sunset 13-8

Sentinels and Paper Rex then faced each other in the lower bracket finals for the final spot in the grand final. This was a best-of-5 series, Sentinels won 3-1 and eliminated PRX from the Madrid Masters.

  • Lotus 14-12

  • Ascent 13-6

  • Split 5-13

  • Sunset 13-3


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