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Dota 2 Elite League Playoffs Starts Today- Results and Schedule

The Dota 2 Elie League has reached its final phase, the playoffs. The final 8 teams are competing for the title of the first season of Elite League and the $300,000 first prize.

The Elite League playoffs start, on April 12th, and the grand final will be played on Sunday, April 14th. The first day of playoffs will have four lower bracket round 1 games.

Elite League Playoffs

Elite League Playoffs Teams and Matchups

The playoffs of the Elite League will have 8 teams from the original 24 teams, 16 of which got eliminated from the Swiss stage and group stage. Four teams from each of groups qualified for the playoffs, the top 2 seeds were placed in the upper bracket semi-finals whereas 3rd-4th seeds are placed in the lower bracket.

Group A

  1. Team Falcons

  2. Azure Ray

  3. G2 x iG

  4. PSG Quest

Group B

  1. Team Liquid

  2. Xtreme Gaming

  3. Tundra Esports

  4. Gaimin Gladiators

Elite League Playoffs Schedule

On the first day, April 12 there will be 4 series played, 2 in the upper bracket and 2 in the lower bracket for tournament life.

Lower Bracket Round 1

  • Gaimin Gladiators vs G2xiG

  • Tundra vs PSG Quest

Upper Bracket semi-final

  • Team Falcons vs Xtreme Gaming

  • Team Liquid vs Azure Ray

There were many upsets in the group stage of the Elite League. A few heavy hitters missed the playoffs. team Spirit and Betboom had very underwhelming performances and got eliminated without any contention for playoffs. All the teams from China qualified for the playoffs and continued a good 2024 season for their region. The Group B was dominated by Western European Teams. Overall, out of the 8 teams that qualified for the playoffs, 3 were from China, 3 from Western Europe, and 2 from the MENA region. America, eastern Europe and SEA struggled in Elite League 2024.


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