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8 Top Gaming Mouse in 2024 | Best Budget Gaming Mouse in India

A gaming mouse is one of the most important part of your gaming setup. A good mouse can decide the result of those fast paced FPS games and not only the experience in games, a good mouse can also have health benefits, as the wrist problems are very common for gamers.

Best Budget Gmaing mouse

When buying a gaming mouse, you must look out for its features, its design, comfort level and how good the sensor performs. Each person has different requirements and you should find out what you require first. Here are some of the best gaming mouse you can buy on a budget in the Indian market. We have tried to include mouse of every category in this list.

Best Budget Gaming Mouse in 2024

Here are some of the top gaming mouse that are affordable but still perform very well.

Ant Esports GM 320


  • 8 programmable buttons with software

  • 4 DPI adjustments levels from 1000-12800 DPI

  • 4 polling rate levels from 500Hz-1000Hz

  • Ergonomic design with thumb rest

  • RGB backlit


This wired gaming mouse from Ant Esports is a budget-friendly option with solid build quality and features. It has an optical sensor and higher polling rate, which makes it more smoother and accurate.


This mouse is built for right handed users and can be a bit heavy for long gaming sessions. The weight can be good for some users and too heavy for some depending upon the taste of user. Also, the software is annoying to use.


Zebronics Crosshair


  • 6 different DPI levels upto 7200

  • Gamin grade sensor

  • 10+ RGB light modes

  • 3 magnetic side plates to customize design and weight

  • Software for customizing keys and RGB light


Unique hexagon cut out design at this price point which makes it very lightweight. Magnetics side plates to customize even more weight and design.


The sensor is slow and can be laggy which may annoy in competitive multiplayer games.


RPM Euro Games


  • 1200-2400-3200 DPI Levels

  • Chargeable built-in 500mAH battery

  • Can be used both wired or wireless

  • 6 different colors LED light


One of the most affordable wireless gaming mouse with a rechargeable built in battery. Cool design with sharp edges.


Poor built quality and is uncomfortable in long gaming sessions. Sharp edges can hurt sometimes. Outdated micro USB cable and don't have a very good sensor.


Zebronics Astro


  • 6 DPI levels up to 7200 DPI

  • 7 different buttons

  • RGB light bar

  • Unique design


Good built quality with good grip and material. Can be used by both right and left handed person. Long Braided cable


Comes in a color combination of white-red-blue which may not work well with your entire setup. Gaming Grade sensor therefore some latency issues.

These mouses are around Rs. 500 price point. At this budget range you can easikly get a solid mouse that looks good with gaming oriented design. But these budget-friendly mouses will not have the most accurate and fastest sensor as well as will have a poor built quality.

Best Premium Gaming Mouse on Budget

Here are some of the budget gaming mouse from top brands. These mouse provides great performance and quality on a mid range budget with the reliability of wider known brands.

 Logitech G304 Lightspeed Wireless

This mouse from Logitech is one of the most popular daily use mouse and is an all-rounder for all uses, from gaming to professional work.


  • 4 DPI levels upto 1200DPI

  • 6 customizable buttons

  • Wireless and uses an external AA battery

  • Logitech's Hero Sensor


Great quality mouse, built well and also performs smoothly without any lag. Clean and minimalist design.


After its extensive use we found the use of external battery annoying. It also lacks some ergonomic quality in long gaming sessions. No RGB light and is on heavier side.


Redragon M693


  • 3 connect modes- Wired, Bluetooth and wireless receiver

  • upto 8000 DPI, 5 onboard DPI levels

  • 7 customizable buttons

  • Ergonomic design

  • 1000hz polling rate

  • 700mAH rechargeable in-built battery


3 different connectivity for versatility, good and fast sensors.


Built quality could have been better


Razer DeathAdder Essential


  • up to 6400 DPI

  • Green single color lighting around logo and mouse wheel

  • available in black and white color

  • 5 buttons


Good sensor and performance with good built quality.


Need software to change DPI no dedicated button.


Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury


  • 4 DPI levels, 250-4000 DPI

  • 8 customizable buttons

  • Ergonomic design

  • High speed tracking with optical sensor


Great design with proper ergonomics and grip. Good built quality and performance.


May feel heavy to some users depending upon taste.



There are plenty of great gaming mouse options available in the Indian market on a very affordable budget. Before buying a mouse, understand what you need it for and check reviews of it online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best budget gaming mouse?

There are several great gaming mouse you can buy under Rs.1000 but according to us Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury is a very good mouse you can get with great quality and performance and reliability of the Logitech brand.


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