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Clove- Valorant's Newest Agent Explained | Abilities and Gameplay

Valorant clove new agent

Clove the Valorant's latest agent has been officially revealed and has some unique gameplay aspects. Clove will be the 25th agent in Valorant and is the Controller.

Clove's first gameplay will be revealed during the VCT Madrid Masters final in a showcase match. Clove will be launched in Episode 8 Act 3 which will be launched around April 30th.

Cloves Abilities Explained

Clove is a Controller class agent, but as per Clove's abilities which are revealed so far Clove will have a very aggressive playstyle and will probably have an entry role.

Pick Me Up (C):

After killing an enemy, Clove can absorb energy to gain a movement speed bonus, an extra 100 health for a short duration of time.

Meddle (Q):

Clove throws a shard that has a similar trajectory to other nades. This shard will decay all the enemies after exploding in an AOE.

Ruse (E):

This is Clove's smoke ability and has 2 charges. Open the map to smoke anywhere, this ability can also be used while Clove is dead, which makes it unique to other smokes.

Ultimate (X):

Clove's ultimate ability will allow her to revive herself after dying. Clove will be revived in a ghost form and must get a kill or assist within a fixed duration to be revived permanently.

Clove Review

Clove will be a good and meta character, as currently Valorant is heavily based around flex roles and agents, and Clove is clearly designed as an agent to fit the flex role perfectly as a semi duelist and controller.

Clove is a duelist under-covered as a controller. Almost all of Clove's abilities are aggressive in nature and make Clove more of an entry agent. Even Clove's only controller related ability, that is the smoke can be used even after Clove died which makes Clove even more suitable for playing with an aggressive style.


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