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Sentinels, Gen.G Qualifies for the Playoffs of VCT Masters Madrid

Sentinels and Gen.G became the first team to qualify for the playoffs of VCT Masters Madrid. The #1 seed from the Americas region and #1 seed from the Pacific region qualified for the playoffs. Now only two more playoff spots remain for the remaining six teams.

Sentinels qualify for the playoffs of VCT Madrid Masters

Sentinels Results: VCT Masters Madrid

Sentinels played their opening match against the #2 seed from EMEA, Team Heretics. It was an insanely close and hype match between these two teams. Sentinels won the first map Lotus 13-9, Heretics tied the series after winning Sunset 13-5. The final map of the series was Bind which Sentinels won 13-11 in the final round.

Sentinels then played in round 2 of the group stage with another winning team, Karmine Corp which was the #1 seed from EMEA. Sentinels won the series 2-0, Split 13-8 and Lotus 13-11.

Gen.G Results: VCT Masters Madrid

Gen.G as the number #1 seed from the Pacific region continues their form and won two straight series to qualify for the playoffs of VCT Masters Madrid.

Gen.G in their opening series beat Loud 2-1, Icebox 13-11, Breeze 8-13 and Ascent 13-5. After that, they faced EDG in the second round as the winning team. Gen.G lost the first map Icebox 8-13 and found themselves on the back foot. But after the first map, Gen.G dominated the next two maps, Split 13-5 and Breeze 13-6 to win the series 2-1.


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