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6 Reasons You Should Play Wuthering Waves | Is WuWa Worth Playing?

Wuthering Waves is releasing on May 22, which is roughly in 2 weeks. This game is getting a lot of attraction has easily reached it pre registration goal of 30 million users. The Wuthering Wave CBT 2 ended on March 17th 2024 and showcased a great game to the Gacha community.

**Note: In this article we will be using WuWa as short form for Wuthering Waves.

Wuthering Waves Review

Here is Why You Should Play Wuthering Waves

Here are the top reasons to play wuthering waves or at least give it a a try.

1. Free Game

WuWa is a free game developed by a decently well known company, Kuro Games in Gacha genre. This game has all the qualities of a AAA game that is , great graphics, production , audio including sound track, character and environment design and a decent story. So, there is no reason to not give it a try and denying it a proper chance.

2. Similarity to Genshin

Now many people may believe that its similarity to Genshin Impact will hurt the game, but I think opposite is the true. Its Similarity to the best Gacha game out there will be the main reason for its success. Remember, Genshin also took inspiration from the other successful games and WuWa is doing the same.

WuWa has added all the major qualities of Genshin Impact, as well as added some more content which is hardcore and challenging to satisfy the complaint of Genshin player base.

Wuthering Waves and Genshin Impact

Moreover, WuWa will ned to compete with Genshin to stay relevant so the developers will constantly need to push quality content and update. This will be great for the players of Wuthering Waves.

3. Variety

It has everything for casual players as well as hardcore players. Beautiful environment and great looking characters with great design and background story, great map exploration with unique mini games to provide casual gamers with a more relaxing time.

On the other hand, it has already added three challenging game modes to satisfy the hardcore player base at is very likely that they will add more challenging content in the future.

4. Production Quality and Content

Kuro Games is going all in in terms of production quality and other content outside the game. They have released some insanely great character story demos on their official YouTube channel. Even the cinematic and gameplay trailers have very high production including the sound tracks.

Lingyang Wuthering Waves

5. Creativity in Combat and Echo

The one thing which in WuWa which is most anticipated is its combat system. WuWa will arguably have the best combat system in the Gacha Genre.

In Wuthering Waves each character will have 7-8 different unique skills and they can also combined together to do different combos.

The characters will also be able to do a unique echo skill. Now echo system is a system similar to Artifact or Relic system in Hoyo games. But in WuWa game you can defeat different world Mobs including bosses to absorb and equip their power. You can than summon these echoes on the battle field for a unique skill.

6. Developers of Game

The developers of Wuthering Waves have shown great promise after accepting the feedback ang giving player a detailed explanation and improvement in their game. Now, lets hope the developers will keep this relation with the players to maintain a transparency and will listen to the community feedback even after the release of the game.

Some examples of devs dedications-

  • Re-did 90% story desing

  • Improved Character design

  • Improved character kits

  • Improved sound effects


Is Wuthering Wave a Genshin Impact Killer?

No, Wuthering Waves is a very good game but Genshin Impact has built up a very dedicated fan base along these 4 years. Wuthering Waves will definitely impact and absorb some of the players for Genshin like its ex players as well as the players that just play to do daily tasks in Genshin.

Wuthering Waves will definitely attract alot of player base for tis release, but they will need to keep adding great content to retain those players long term.

When is Wuthering Waves Releasing?

Wuthering Waves is releasing on May 22/23, 2024 Globally on all platforms. You can preregister now on WuWa's official site.


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