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VCT Masters Madrid Final Group Stage Result and Playoffs

The group stage of the 2024 VCT Madrid Masters is finished and the top 4 teams qualified for the playoffs. The VCT Madrid Masters started with 8 teams from 4 region of the world, these teams competed for the $500,000 prizepool.

VCT Madrid Masters Results

VCT Madrid Masters: Group Stage Result

The group stage for VCT Masters Madrid was Swiss style format. The first teams to win 2 series before losing 2 qualified for the playoffs.

Sentinels and Gen.G secured the top seeding in the playoff after winning two consecutive series. On the other hand, FPX and Heretics got eliminated first from the Masters after losing their first two games.

In the decider match, LOUD dominated EDG 2-0 and whereas Paper Rex beat Karmine Corp 2-1 in a very close series. Both these teams qualified for the playoffs and both the teams from Americas and Pacific region made it to the playoffs.

Round 1 Matches

  • Karmine Corp 2-0 FPX

  • Gen.G 2-1 LOUD

  • EDG 2-1 Paper Rex

  • Sentinels 2-1 Heretics

Round 2 Winner Matches

  • Sentinels 2-0 Karmine Corp

  • Gen.G 2-1 EDG

Round 2 Lower Matches

  • LOUD 2-0 FPX

  • Paper Rex 2-1 Heretics

Round 3 Decider Matches

  • LOUD 2-0 EDG

  • Paper Rex 2-1 Karmine Corp

VCT Masters: Madrid Playoffs Schedule

The playoffs of VCT Madrid Masters 2024 will start on March 21st. The teams will play in a double-elimination bracket. The Grand Finals will be played on March 24th.

Upper Bracket Semi finals

Sentinels vs TBD

Gen.G vs TBD


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