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Valorant Champions skin collection 2.0 Phantom and Butterfly Knife added

Valorant and Riot Games are releasing the Champions skin collection for the 2022 Valorant Champions. The Champions 2.0 collection will have skins for a Phantom and a Butterfly knife.

Valorant Champions 2.0 skin collection review

The new Valorant Champions collection will be released on August 23rd with the Episode 5 Act ACT 2. The Valorant Champions 2022 will be started on August 31st in Istanbul, 16 teams will compete for the title of 2022 Valorant Championship.

Valorant Champions Collection 2.0 preview

The first Champions collection was released during the VCT Champions 2021 and had a Vandal skin and a Karambit Knife. The Champions collection was a massive success for the Valorant, this collection was well designed and was on shop for limited time and will never return. This caused the first Champions Collection to had a massive success, due to this same reason the Champions Collection 2.0 will probably have a big sales.

The new Champions 2.0 collection will have newer animation and finishers than the older collection.



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