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Valorant new Champions skins Collection | Champions bundle review

valorant champions skins collection

Valorant is releasing a new skin collection to celebrate and commemorate Valorant's first ever world championship. The Champions bundle will feature a Vandal, a Karambit Knife and 3 player cards. The bundle will cost 6,263 VP and will be available for one time only starting from November 24 to December 12 and will never come back in store again.

With this new collection the developer and producer tried to give the esports fans a chance to express their fandom through cosmetics. 50% of all the revenue generated by this bundle will go to participating teams in VCT Champions 2021.


Valorant Champions Collection review-

The Champions 2021 collection will have skins for only 2 weapons but will have some of the best and highly detailed skins. The knife skin will be of Karambit style and will have a proper Karambit animation. This knife can be the best knife in game, the inspect and all the animation of this knife are designed brand new.

The Vandal will not have any VFX and sound effects, but similar to spectrum collection a track will be played when the weapon is inspected (for knife also). Both the weapons will also have a new feature called Champions aura, the skins will glow if the player is the top fragger in team.

Collection will also feature three player cards featuring the original agents Brimstone, Phoenix and Sage.

valorant champions collection review, player cards and skins

VCT Champions will start on December 1st , 16 teams from 7 regions will compete in the Valorant's first ever world Championship. Champions 2021 will have a grand prize pool of 1 millions USD.



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