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OG Ceb will be playing in TI 10 after retinal surgery

OG Ceb will play in Dota 2 TI 10.

OG esports Dota 2 player Sébastien Ceb Debs will be playing in Dota2 TI 10 after a retinal surgery. Earlier the two time defending champions OG announced that Ceb will not be able to play The International 2021, but on October 4th they released another statement confirming that Ceb will be playing for them in TI10. This news filled OG and esports fans with excitement after a rough season.

On October 4th, 3 days before TI10 OG announced that Ceb will be attending The International 10 and will also be playing in the event for OG. The Group stages for TI 10 will start from October 7th

OG earlier announced that Team Liquid's 'micke' will be standing in for OG in the International 2021 as the OG's offlaner Ceb was not attending TI10 due to his ongoing health issues. On October 1 Ceb released an official statement about his vision issue and surgery.

Ceb stated-

As you might already know by now, I was indeed hit with a very bad news few days ago. During a very routine medical check up, I was informed by the doctor that I was undergoing a retinal detachment in my left eye, and that I was few hours away from losing sight irreversibly. Only solution was to get emergency surgery, which I of course went through with. No matter how much we love DotA, some things will always come first. It went well, and that was the most important part.


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