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Defending champions OG qualified to TI 10 | OG vs Tundra TI 10 qualifiers

After a rough season and many roster changes later the 2 times defending champion OG are qualified for TI 10. OG beat Tundra 3-2 in an epic grand final series for finals spot in TI 10.

In lower bracket finals OG beat Nigma 2-1 to secure their rematch against Tundra esports. Tundra defeated OG 2-0 in their first meeting in upper bracket finals. OG now have a chance to defend their title of Dota 2 champions. They are the current 2 times back to back TI champions.

As the Western Europe qualifiers end all the qualifiers are completed and all 18 teams for Ti 10 are finalised. The Grand finals of Western Europe qualifiers break the record of most viewers of any qualifiers as they had almost 200k viewers on their main channel.

Tundra's Cinderella Run in TI 10 Qualifiers-

The western Europe TI 10 qualifiers were the most stacked qualifiers among any region as teams like OG, Nigma and Liquid were fighting for the last spot in TI 10. But it was looking like the Tundra Esports were the best team to qualify for TI 10. Till the finals they were unbeatable and swept the all 3 series they played.

In finals Tundra had a rematch against OG whom they defeated 2-0 earlier in upper bracket finals. But this time they fall short as in an epic grand finals for the last spot in TI 10 they lost 2-3 to 2 time defending champions OG.

OG's current Dota 2 roster-

SumaiL Sumail Hassan

Topson Topias Taavitsainen

Ceb Sébastien Debs

Saksa Martin Sazdov

N0tail Johan Sundstein


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