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Genshin Impact 4.0 Fontain All Leaks and Characters | Genshin Leaks

Genshin Impact has officially announced the upcoming new region 'FONTAIN' in version 4.0. After the recent 3.8 Genshin Impact update the community has been filled with rumors and confirmed Genshin leaks for the version 4.0 Fontain update. The Genshin Impact 4.0 update will be released on August 16th, 2023.

Genshin Impact Fontain 4.0 Leaks

Genshin Impact Fontain update: Genshin Leaks 4.0

The upcoming region of the Genshin Impact will be Fontain a hydro region, this will be the 5th region of the game and with this update, the game will enter its later stage of game (story-wise). The Fontain will have a hydro biome and the players will be able to travel underwater. There will be brand new mechanics and enemies in the Fontain, new characters, weapons, bosses, artifacts and a lot more information is out for the upcoming version 4 of Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Fontain's new Characters and Banners

A new region of Genshin Impact means tons of brand-new characters with unique art styles and designs. The Genshin Impact has officially announced the three new characters which will be on the character banner in version 4.0.

The version 4.0 will have three siblings from Fontain on the character banner-

  • Lyney: 5 star Pyro Bow

  • Lynette: 4 star Sword Anemo

  • Freminet: 4 star Cryo Claymore

Along with these three characters we will also be getting the hydro version of Traveler, which has been rumored to be at decent power level.

Here are some of the other characters which will be released in later updates- Navia (Geo), Wriothesley, Sigewine, Neuvilette, Cloride (Electro) and Furina (Hydro, Archon), The Knave/Arlecchino (Pyro, Fatui).

Genshin Impact 4.0 new Artifact Sets

The Fontain version 4.0 update will bring two new sets to the Genshin Impact. There will be one new domain which means two new artifact sets added to the game.

  • One set will increase normal and Charge attack damage. Whereas the four-piece set will increase the crit rate.

  • One of the new sets will increase the elemental skill damage.

The Fontain region will bring new stories both main tory and archon quest will continue in the next update. The Fontain's Archon is named Focalors(Furina) and will have a female teen model. Also the next Fatui Harbinger the players will be facing in the Fontain is 'Arlecchino' The Naive.

The Artifact strongbox will also get the addition of a few more artifact sets. The version 4.0 will have a new Abyss cycle with the Fontain enemies and bosses.


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