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Valorant's new Primordium Bundle | Best Valorant Skin?

Valorant's new skin bundle is releasing on March 5th. The new 'Primordium' Skin collection will feature skins for Vandal, Phantom, Spectre, Shorty and Melee weapons. This collection will be launched in Valorant along with the Episode 8 Act 2 patch update.

Valorant Primordium Skin Bundle

The Primordium Collection will feature some of the most used weapons, so it will be worth it for the players to get the entire bundle if they can afford it. It will include both the premium rifles, Vandal and Phantom as well Spectre.

The Primordium skins will have four color variants-

  • Black-Red

  • Green-Gold

  • Black-Blue

  • Black-Gold

Valorant Primordium Skin

The Primordium Bundle will have a God of War feel to it. The melee design is also similar to the Kratos' iconic dual-wielding blades and is called "New Blades of Primordia".

The entire bundle will cost 8700VP, which is on the expensive side. The individual items will cost-

  • Weapon- 2175VP

  • Melee-4350VP

  • Spray-325VP

  • Gun Buddy-475VP

  • Player card-375VP

The Primordium Collection arguably has the best finisher in the game as it will affect the entire map.


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