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Chiori Guide: How to Build, Teams, Artifacts and Review

The Genshin Impact's newest character Chiori has been released in version 4.5. From her cool design to gameplay, fans are curious and excited for this new character.

In this article we will discuss Chiori's kit, her playstyle, how to build her, her best teams and our verdict on her.

Chiori guide Genshin Impact

Chiori's Abilities and Playstyle

Chiori is a Geo Sword user and is an off-field sub DPS at C0. Here are all the details about her kit and playstyle.

Elemental Skill- Fluttering Hasode

She will summon a Tamoto doll that will deal periodic damage. This damage will be scaled with both attack and defense. The Tamoto Doll will deal damage every 3.6 seconds for 17 seconds.

When there is any other geo construct on the field a second Tamoto doll will be generated.

Elemental Burst- Hiyoku: Twin Blades

Chiori's elemental burst will deal AOE Geo damage and has 50 energy cost and 10-second cooldown. The burst will also have split scaling with defense and attack.

Passive Talents

Passive 1

After using her elemental skill If you use her Elemental Skill, she triggers the Tapestry effect, but if if you use her normal attack, the Tailoring effect will be triggered instead. If Chiori doesn't use her Elemental Skill or use a normal attack within a short time after using Fluttering Hasode, the Tailoring effect is triggered by default.

  • Tailoring - Chiori gains Geo infusion for five seconds.

  • Tapestry - Switches to the next character in your roster and grants all party members the 'Seize the Moment' effect, which means when your active party member's normal, charged, and plunging attacks hit, Tamoto will execute a coordinated attack, dealing 100% of Fluttering Hasode's upward sweep damage as AOE (area of effect) Geo damage to the opponent's location. Damage dealt this way is considered Elemental Skill damage. Seize the Moment lasts eight seconds, one Tamoto coordinated attack can be unleashed every two seconds, and only two such coordinated attacks can occur per Seize the Moment duration.

Passive 2

Chiori will get 20% geo damage bonus if a geo construct created by another geo party member is active on the field.

Her playstyle is similar to that of Albedo as both deal off-field geo damage with their elemental skills. If you want to play Chiori as off-field then press E after using the skill for swapping and activating her passive buffs.

If you want to play her on the field then normal attack after using her skill, but it is not worth to play Chiori as an on field character before her C6.


Chiori's Best Artifact Set

Chiori will mainly have two sets suitable for her

  1. Husk of Opulent Dreams: Will be overall best set which will also increase her burst damage.

  2. Golden Troupe: Will increase her Elemental skill damage when off field.

For Artifact Substats-

  • Sands: Defense

  • Goblet: Geo Damage Bonus

  • Circlet: Crit

Chiori Best Weapons

Her best in slot weapon will be her signature weapon Uraku Misugiri, other 5-star weapons that Provide crit stats are also decent on her.

For F2P weapons-

  • Cinnabar Spindle (old event weapon)

  • Harbinger of Dawn

  • Festering Desire

The power gap in between her Signature and other weapons is very big.

Best Team of Chiori

Mono Geo

Itto/Noelle + Chiori + Gorou + Zhongli/Albedo

Noelle + Chiori + Furina + Gorou

Other than Mono geo there is no other team in which Chiori is best in slot, she is a decent Flex character but is nothing special in terms of value.

At C1 she is the best Geo partner for Navia.

Navia + Chiori + Bennett + Xiangling

Is Chiori Worth Pulling For?

No, Chiori is not worth pulling for if you are an F2p player and are looking to improve your account. Chiori is somewhat underwhelming and is almost no value if you already have Albedo.

Do keep in mind Genshin Impact is a non competitive game, so you should play whoever you want. Whether you like their story, design or gameplay, their power level doesn't really matter. As you an easily complete the hardest content in the game which is Spiral Abyss with only 4 star characters.


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