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VCT Iceland Masters 2022 starts today - Teams, Groups, Schedule and Matchups

Valorant's first Master of the 2022 is here, VCT Stage 1 Masters : Reykjavík, Iceland is starting on April 10th, Sunday. VCT Iceland Masters will be the first International event of the 2022 and will feature 12 of the top teams from all around the world.

Last year's International Masters and Champions winner - Sentinels, Gambit and Acend, none of them managed to qualify for the VCT Masters Stage 1 2022. Also EMEA's #1 seed FPX will not be playing due to travel issues for Russian and Ukrainian players. Liquid will be playing as a wildcard instead of FPX.

VCT Stage 1 masters schedule group stages

VCT Masters 1 - Iceland : Teams and Groups -

Twelve 12 teams from around the world will participate in VCT Stage 1 Masters from 7 regions.

Top teams from top regions are directly qualified for the playoffs of VCT Masters. Top seed from EMEA, NA, SEA and Brazil - G2, Guard, Paper Rex and Loud respectively are waiting in the playoffs for rest of the competitors.

The remaining 8 teams are divided into two groups of four teams each, these will be double-elimination format (GSL) groups. Top two teams from both group will move on to playoffs - quarterfinals, playoffs of VCT masters will also be double elimination style.

Group A -

  • Fnatic - EMEA #2

  • NiP - BR #2

  • DRX - Korea

  • Zeta - Japan

Group B-

  • Optic - NA #2

  • Xerxia - SEA #2


  • Liquid - EMEA #3

VCT Iceland Masters : Schedule-

VCT Stage 1 Iceland Masters Schedule and results

Group Stages will start from April 10th till April 13th. Opening day will have three group stage games -

DRX vs Zeta Division

KRU vs Team Liquid

Optic vs Xerxia

Playoffs will begin from April 14th and the Grand Final will be on April 24th. This event will be missing a lot of big names from EMEA and NA, also EMEA #1 seed FPX will not be able to participate. This gives a big chance for the rest of the regions to surprise everyone and become the VCT Stage 1 Masters Champions.


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