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Optic and Guard qualify for VCT Iceland Masters | VCT NA Challengers results

Optic gaming and The Guard are the final two teams remaining in the VCT NA Stage 1 Challengers. Both these teams are qualified for playoffs after securing the top 2 finish in the Challengers.

Optic Gamign adn Teh Gyuards  qualify for VCT Stage 1 Masters from North America

Optic and Guard will now face each other in the Grand Finals of the VCT NA stage 1 challengers on March 28th, Sunday. The winner will be the first seed from North America in the stage 1 Masters. Cloud 9 finished the event with a third place finish, $26,000 USD prize money and 55 VCT leader board points.

VCT NA Challengers playoffs results-

The NA challengers are now in its final stage and only the two team remains and one of them is a big surprise, The Guard. These teams beat the tournament favourites like Cloud9, Version 1 and Sentinels to qualify for VCT Masters : Reykjavik 2022.

Optic beat The Guards in the upper bracket finals to become the first North American team to qualify for the Iceland masters. Optic won 2-0, Split 13-10 and Bind 13-4. Optic Gaming is the former Envy roster which was top 2 in the NA after the end of 2021 season. After this win Optic moved to the grand finals whereas Guards were dropped down to lower bracket final.

The Guards faced Cloud 9 in the lower bracket final in a do or die game. The winner of this series would have qualified for the Masters whereas the looser would have eliminated from the Stage 1. Cloud 9 were the favourites to win this BO5 series but The Guard surprised everyone by winning this series with a clean sweep. Guard won the series 3-0, Icebox 15-13, Haven 13-5 and Split 13-10 and become the final team from North America to qualify for the VCT Stage 1 Masters.


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