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Valorant REAVER 2.0 Skin Collection reveal | Valorant leaks and Updates

Riot Games and Valorant has finally released a second Reaver skin collection in the game. The new Reaver 2.0 collection will have skins for 5 weapons including a new Karambit style knife.

Valoran Reaver 2.0 skin bundle revealed

The Reaver 2.0 bundle will cost around 7100 VP and will also include a new Reaver gun buddy, player cards and stickers. The Reaver is one of the most popular and used skin collections in the Valorant and this second iteration of skinline is predicted to have a big sale.


Valorant Reaver 2.0 Skin reveal

The new Reaver 2.0 bundle will have skins for Phantom, Spectre, Ghost, Odin and a Knife. The original Reaver collection already had skins for the Vandal, Sheriff, Operator, Guardian, Knife (different style).

The new Reaver Collection and skins will have exactly same variants- Red, purple, black and white, same animations and sound effects as the original Reaver bundle.


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