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Valorant new Spectrum skins, Riot collabs with Zedd | Valorant leaks

Riot games releases new Spectrum skins in Valorant in collaboration with music producer, songwriter and DJ Zedd. The bundle is one of the most premium collection in game and will cost 10,700 VP. The developers mentioned this skin as the most complex skin in the game, more complex than skins like Elderflame.

This collaboration was first announced on the Valorant's first anniversary in early June. Then the Spectrum melee weapon was teased by Riot.

Valorant Spectrum Skins Preview-

The Spectrum skin bundle will have skins for 5 weapons-

  • Classic

  • Phantom

  • Bulldog

  • Guardian

  • Melee sword

The Spectrum bundle will have 4 colour variants-

  • White (default)

  • Black

  • Red

  • Purple

New Spectrum Knife-

Spectrum collection Finisher-

These skins will be the first audio driven skins, which means the skins have different effects during different points in round. The finisher of these skin will be different depending on whether the spike is planted or not and will have many effects and colours which will keep on changing. The music and sound design for this collection is given by Zedd himself. In an interview Zedd talked about how he worked with the Riot games for this collection and produced the sound for these skins, he told that now he now officially felt like a game developer.


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