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Valorant new Agent Neon ability reveal and guide

Riot games are releasing a new agent to Valorant. This agent will be the 18th character in the game and will be a female character from Manila, Philippines and is named Neon. Neon will be launched in game on November 11-12 with the arrival of Episode 4 Act 1.

Valorant agent Neon ability reveal and guide

Neon will be a duelist class agent, with a ability kit to rival Jett and Phoenix. Neon will be an all around agent with mobility, stun, damage and a wall.

Neon ability reveal -

  • Ability 1 – Fast Lane: FIRE two energy lines forward on the ground that extend a short distance or until they hit a surface. The lines rise into walls of static electricity that block vision and damage enemies passing through them.

  • Ability 2 – Relay Bolt: INSTANTLY throw an energy bolt that bounces once. Upon hitting each surface, the bolt electrifies the ground below with a concussive blast.

  • Ability 3 – High Gear: INSTANTLY channel Neon’s power for increased speed. When charged, ALT FIRE to trigger an electric slide. Slide charge resets every two kills.

  • Ultimate Ability – Overdrive: Unleash Neon’s full power and speed for a short duration. FIRE to channel the power into a deadly lightning beam with high movement accuracy. The duration resets on each kill.

Neon will have a Frenzy as the contract skin. So far Neon has been given as an early access to the content creators of Valorant and so far the opinion is some what mixed. As a new agent Neon will obviously be an overpowered agent but as the people will understand this agent she may fall. Her sprint, slide and ultimate can be proved to be somewhat gimmick.


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