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Nitro back to CSGO, joins back Team Liquid to complete their roster

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Nitro joins team liquid csgo

Nicholas "nitr0" Cannella has joined Team Liquid CSGO roster, he is coming back to pro csgo after playing competitive valorant for 100T for a year. The 26 year old is known as Captain America of CSGO by his fans, he is back to his original fps esports title and will be playing for his former team.

Team Liquid around a month ago announced that they will be parting ways with Stewie 2k, Grim an Fallen. After that they signed Osee and Shox to their roster. Now this signing of Nitro will officially complete their roster for the new season of counter strike.

Why did Nitro left Valorant?

In late 2020 Nitro's decision to leave csgo was very surprising for everyone, his main reason for the move was travel issues. He mentioned that their is no league system in csgo which makes the team to be on constant travel, also the NA's csgo scene was degrading which also made him to rethink his future in csgo. He also had a child and tried to avoid travelling as much as possible, therefore he decided to switch to valorant, where he could compete in NA for long time without travelling much.

As for why he has left Valorant he stated that his relation with other pro players was not developing due to age gap.

“I guess the age group was a little bit younger. I’m 26. I feel like most of the people were around the age of, like 18 to 20, maybe even 21. So obviously there was a little bit of age gap. I didn’t really talk to too many people in the “Valorant” scene. But in the “Counter-Strike” scene, I had a pretty good relationship with most of the pros."

There were the rumours of potential return of Nitro to csgo from several months. When 100T failed to qualify for VCT Champions 2021 and benched him these rumours grew and became certain that he will be returning to csgo and will be joining back Team Liquid csgo.

Nitro joined the 100 Thieves Valorant roster in late 2020 and had decent results in 2021. After around a year of competitive valorant, he is back to his first and main fps title. He is joining back the Team Liquid CSGO roster, although there have been many changes in Team Liquid since his departure, his return will restore the core of Liquid as he will be joining Ellige and NAF once again.

Team Liquid new CSGO roster-

With this signing Team Liquid has completed their 5 man roster, Nitro will be back to being the in game leader of team.

  • NAF

  • Ellige

  • Shox

  • Osee

  • Nitro (IGL)

  • adren (Coach)


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