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Shox and oSee joins Team Liquid CSGO roster for 2022 season

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

Team Liquid signs shox and osee to their csgo roster

Team Liquid signs Shox and oSee to their CSGO roster. oSee will be the new primary awper for the team and Shox will bring veteran presence in the team. This new roster will be built around the Ellige and NAF who are currently the best talents in North America.

After the Blast Premier world finals, Liquid announced that they will be parting ways with Stewie2k, Fallen and Grim. currently these three players are benched but are allowed to explore opportunities with other teams. The former Liquid roster was without a doubt the best CSGO team in North America, whether this new roster will be on top of their region is still a doubt.

The 29 year old French legend, Richard "shox" Papillon formerly played for Vitality and had a very successful run in later part of 2021. This will be the first time ever when Shox will be playing for an international roster and a non French roster. While he is past his prime, he will still be a valuable player for Liquid as a lurker and support for their superstar players.

The 22 year old Joshua "oSee" Ohm is one of the rising stars in NA Csgo scene and had experience playing with big names like cloud9 and extra salt. Team Liquid signed oSee from the Extra salt roster and he will be the primary awper for the team.

Team Liquid new CSGO roster -

Liquid after these 2 new signings are still looking for their last piece to complete the new CSGO roster.

  • Ellige

  • NAF

  • oSee

  • Shox

  • Adren (Coach)


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