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Liquid releases Stewie, Fallen and Grim | Team Liquid new CSGO roster rumours

Team Liquid released Stewie2k, Fallen and Grim from their CSGO roster and will be debuting in 2022 season with a new roster. This new roster will be build around arguably North America's best player EliGE and NAF.

The speculations for a massive roster change for Team Liquid was in rumours for many months. Liquid were the only team from NA region to be considered a Tier 1 team and was the only team that can compete with major regions and teams in Tier 1 events. Now with this rebuild it is not sure that whether the new Liquid will be a tier 1 team from the start or not.

Team Liquid new CSGO roster news-

Team Liquid will most probably sign some non NA talent to their roster and move onto an international update for new season.

Richard "shox" Papillon, the French legend will probably be joining the new Liquid roster. These rumours have been from a long time ago and now as the Shox is free agent after a successful run with Vitality, it is almost certain that he will be joining Liquid.

According to some rumours Evil Geniuses are looking to sign Stewie2k for their CSGO roster. Whether Stewie will remain in CSGO scene or move onto Valorant is not fix as currently he is spending his time playing Valorant on stream with his friends.

Some sources suggest that Fallen will paly for his nation's team as a last ride and will retire with a Brazillian team.


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