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100T Valorant removes coach Frost, Nitro back to CSGO rumours

North American Valorant team 100 Thieves removes their coach Frost after the teams disappointing performance in NA Last Chance Qualifiers. According to several rumours Nitro's future with 100T is also undecided.

100T valorant roster changes, removes coach frost and nitro csgo rumours

100T failed to qualify for VCT Champions 2021 after three chances. 100T could have qualified for Champions through VCT Masters Berlin, NA leaderboard and Last Chance Qualifiers but failed to be one of the three North American teams in VCT Champions.

100T Nitro back to CSGO rumours -

Nick “nitr0” Cannella is undecided about his future with not only 100T but also with his future in Valorant. According to many rumours and sources, Nitro might return to pro CSGO. One of the options for nitr0’s potential return is Team Liquid.

100Thieves already benched Joshua 'steel' Nissan after VCT berlin Masters and now if these rumours around nitro's future with 100Thieves are true then this leaves their core roster as hiko, ethan and Asuna. Team will be built around these core team members. 100T 2021 season is already ended as team will not be participating in Champions 2021 in December. 100T will be looking to improve their results and performance in second season of VCT by bringing some stability in their roster.


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