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Faze and ENCE in Grand Finals of ESL Pro League 15 - NiP and Furia eliminated

ENCE and Faze Clan will face each other in ESL Pro League season 15. ENCE beat Nip whereas Faze won against Furia in semi-finals of ESL Pro League 15. Grand Finals will be played on April 10th, Sunday.

NiP and Furia are eliminated from ESL Pro League 15 with a 3rd-4th place finish and $55,000 USD each. The winner of Pro League will receive $175,000 USD and direct spot in Blast Premier 2022 World Finals.

ESL Pro League playoffs results

ESL Pro League 15 Semi Finals result-

In the firsts semi-final of Pro League ENCE played NiP. Both these teams were equally matched but in this matchup ENCE prevailed and took the victory 2-0, Nuke 16-10 and Ancient 16-14.

Faze played Furia in the second semi-final, this series was super close. Furia were 13-5 ahead on the first map Inferno, Faze then managed to pull off an insane comeback, they won 11 round in a row to win the map 16-13. Second map was Mirage, again Furia was ahead 13-8 at one point, Faze again managed to comeback and took the map in overtime 19-16.

Faze will now face ENCE in grand finals, both them were in group B which was without a doubt the toughest group of the event. Teams like Vitality and VP failed to qualify for playoffs from Group B. In their matchup of group B ENCE managed to win 2-1 in a close series.


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