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Faze and Furia in semi-finals of ESL Pro League 15 | ESL playoffs results

Faze Clane and Furia Esports are in semi-finals of ESL Pro League 15 after winning their games in quarterfinal. Furia defeat Astralis while Faze Clan took down world number 1 NAVI. Semi-Finals of ESL Pro League 15 will start from April 9th.

ESL Pro League Semi-Finals Schedule-

April 9th, Saturday:

  • NiP vs ENCE - 15:30 CEST

  • Furia vs Faze - 19:00 CEST

ESL Pro League 15 playoffs result, schedule and brackets

ESL Pro League 15 quarterfinals results-

Quarterfinals of ESL Pro League season 15 are concluded with final 4 teams remaining. On the day 1 of quarterfinals (April 7th), NiP and ENCE won their quarterfinals to move onto semi-finals, they knocked out Liquid and Movistar Riders. NiP and ENCE will face each other in the first semi-final on Saturday.

April 8th feature the remaining two quarterfinals. In first game Astralis played Furia for a spot in semi-finals. Astralis won the first map Ancient 16-13 and were looking to secure their spot in semi-finals. But Furia turned up entirely and won back to back map to eliminate Astralis from Pro League. Furia took Mirage 16-8 and Nuke 16-7 to win the series 2-1.

In final Quarterfinal series two of the tournament favourites went head to head. NAVI and Faze were looking to claim the last semi-final spot. Faze cruised through this series and won 2-0, Inferno 16-11 and Dust II 16-12. Faze are looking like one of the best team in the world since they signed ropz to their roster. The IEM Katowice 2022 champion will be looking to win the title of ESL Pro League season 15 as well.

Furia and Faze will face each other in the second semi-final on April 9th. Navi and Astralis finished Pro League with a 5th-8th place finish, Navi won $42,500 USD and Astralis took $32,500 USD from prize pool.

Note: Teams are awarded a $5,000 USD bonus for each group stage win.


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