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Xianyun: Cloud Retainer Abilities Explained and Leaks | Genshin Impact 4.4

Xianyun, Famously know as Cloud Retainer has been officially announced for the Genshin Impact version 4.4. She will be launched in the game in version 4.4 along with the new 4* pyro character GaMing.

Genshin Impact Cloud Retainer leaks
Image via: Sportskeeda

Cloud Retainer will be a 5-star character with Anemo element. She will be a Catalyst user with attack scaling. Cloud Retainer will start a new meta in Genshin Impact as she will be the first character to allow anyone to do a plunge attack.

Cloud Retainer's role will be to make characters do plunge attacks, she will also buff those plunge attacks and heal the team.

Xianyun Abilities and Kit explained-

Here's a complete overview of Cloud Retainer's abilities and role.

Elemental Skill-

CR will be able to perform three jumps and will plunge attack at the final jump. This ability will be great for overworld exploration. Also after completing the third jump and plunge attack, it will pull the enemies towards CR in a decent AOE.

Elemental Burst-

Cloud Retainer will heal the entire team after using her burst. Also, the entire party will receive enhanced jumping abilities and plunge attack damage buffs depending on CR's attack.

She will give a damage bonus to 8 plunge attack instances per character. This damage will reach a maximum of 8500 bonus with a maximum of 5000 attack stat on Cloud Retainer.

Xianyun Playstyle and Role-

Xianyun will be a great healer and support for plunge attacks. She will create a new playstyle in Genshin Impact because as of version 4.3, only Xiao can utilise the plunge attacks.

She will allow every character in game to do plunge attacks, she will be a great support for Xiao and GaMing (new 4 star character in version 4.4). Her role and build will be similar to Shenhe, instead of buffing cryo damage she will buff plunge attack damage and provide healing.

Cloud Retainer Best Artifacts

You will need to stack the attack stat on her and the energy recharge sub stat. For Sand, Goblet and Circlet, attack main stat will be her best choice with Energy Recharge sub-stats.

In the majority of teams, Viridescent Venerer will be her best Artifact set whereas in Xiao and Anemo DPS teams, Songs of Days Past (4.3 new artifact) will be her best set.

Xianyun Pre-release Analysis and Review

As of the first leaks and testing, she will provide great damage boost to plunge attacks and will be a very fun addition to the game as she will unlock the plunge attack meta.


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