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Xianyun Build Guide: Best Artifacts, Weapons and Teams

Xianyun or Cloud Retainer is finally in the game and is impressing players with her buffing capabilities. She is released in Genshin Impact with version 4.4 update along with GaMing who has great synergy with Xianyun. Let's discuss how we can build her for maximum potential.

Xianyun build guide

Xianyun is a very fun character and unlocks the plunging playstyle for every character. She is a 5-star Anemo Catalyst Character, her kit revolves around healing and giving buffs to plunge attacks.

Xianyun's Kit and Abilities explained

Here is an overall summary of her kit in simple language.

Normal Attack- her normal attack are normal like any other catalyst user.

Elemental Skill- White Clouds at Dawn

She can use triple jump and deal plunge damage with the last damage with this skill. This skill has slight grouping and is very good for exploring. Other than that this skill doesn't provide much damage, just some small crit rate with her passive talent

Elemental burst- Stars Gather at Dusk

Her burst will be the main part of her kit combined with passive talents. Her burst will heal the entire party and will provide on-field characters with jumping capabilities to enable plunge attacks.

Passive Talents-

  • After using her skill she will give a 4/6/8/10 crit rate to the active character's plunge attack damage for 20 seconds depending on the stacks. She will get stacks when she hits an enemy with the waves of her skill one stack per enemy hit.

  • Also, she will give a flat damage bonus on plunge attack for 8 plunge attacks to 200% of Xianyun's attack, a maximum of 9000 damage. This damage will be applied to one enemy per plunge.

Xianyun's Best Teams

She will be a plunge attack buffer as well as a healer.

She will be able to replace Jean in Furina's teams. Here are some of her best teams

  • Xiao - Faruzan - Furina/Bennett - Xianyun

  • GaMing - Furina - Bennett - Xianyun

  • Diluc - Furina - Bennett - Xianyun

  • Hutao - Furina - Yelan/Xingqiu - Xinayun

  • Sword/Claymore character - Furina - C6 Bennett - Xianyun

  • Sword/Claymore character - Chongyun - Xiangling- Xianyun

Furina can be replaced with Xingqiu or Yelan.

Xianyun's Best Artifacts and Substats

Her best Artifacts will be-

  • Viridescent Venerer

  • Songs of Days Past

For artifact main stats-

Atk% - Sands/Goblet/Circlet

For Substats-

Energy Recharge/ Attack%/ Attack

You can also try to maintain decent crit ratio for some minor damage contributions from Xianyun.

Xianyun's Best Weapon

Xianyun's kit and her buffing capabilities will be based around her attack stat. So high base attack weapons are good on her.

Best in slot - Signature weapon: Crane's Echoing Call

Best four star Weapons

  • Oath Sworn Eye

  • Favonious Codex

  • Hakushin ring

  • Atk % weapons

Thrilling Tales of Dragon Scale can be a decent option but restrict team rotations.


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