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Valorant new Sentinels of Light skin announced

Valorant devs announced new Sentinels of Light skin line. This is the second skin bundle which will be League of Legends related. The new bundle will cost around 8700 VP with individual skins costing around 2175 VP.

Earlier they launched their first league bundle which was Ruination skins and was a great hit among fans. This skin line will contrast them in the aspect that the theme behind ruination skin was the dark zone or dark world in the League of Legends Lore and the basic idea for these skins were taken form the champions who fight against the Ruination.

This bundle will have skins for 5 weapon-

  • Vandal

  • operator

  • Sheriff

  • Ares

  • Melee weapon

Valorant devs in an interview discussed that the design of these skins are similar to that of Sentinels of light skins in League of Legends which is sort of a Sacred geometry style design.

Melee weapon-

The bundles melee style is pretty unique as it is not similar to any previous styles of weapons before. The holding style is similar to that of Origin melee whereas from the look wise the weapon is more of like an upside saw.

Skin colour Variants-

All the weapons will have 4 colour variants.

  • Basic- Golden brown

  • Pink

  • Green and brown

  • Purple



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