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Valorant new Ruination Skins revealed | Valorant update and leaks

Valorant devs revealed their new Ruination skin bundle. This skin bundle is based on the Riot's beloved game League of Legends Ruin King event. This new bundle will be of 8700VP and individual skins will cost 2,175 VP and have following skins-

  • Phantom

  • Guardian

  • Spectre

  • Ghost

  • Melee weapon (sword)

Along with these skins there will also be a gun buddy, player card and stickers.

This bundle will be in store for 2 weeks. After 2 weeks it is believed that a new "Sentinel of Lights" bundle will be released which will feature a vandal skin.

Valorant new Ruination skins -

Here is the preview of every skins from new bundle. Every weapon will have four colour variants including knife.

These are the 4 weapons other than melee featured in this collection. These are the 4 colour variants and each weapon will have all of these varaints.

Melee Weapon-

Kill Animation-


Ruination skins and League of Legends relation-

The Riot is working on their Animated show based on league of Legends. In on of the trailer they showed how the Viego The Ruined king lost his wife and during finding her ends up corrupting a big region of the world and creates a dark mysterious black mist that takes over him and created a region called Shadow isle. This region is the world in league of legends from where the dark legends are created.

The Valorant devs tried to create a dark and evil skin based on this event. They also mentioned that they added some sound effects of shadow isle legends who had ruination set from the League of Legends game in different skins.


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