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Undying swept 4 zoomers to qualifies for TI 10 | TI 10 NA qualifiers

Undying became the final roster from North America to qualify for TI 10. They swept 4 zoomers 3-0 in the grand finals. This whole qualifiers was super dominant for Undying as they didn't dropped a single map and swept every series till the end.

Both these teams faced each other once before in upper bracket finals where also Undying dominated them and took the series 2-0 to reach grand finals of TI 10 qualifiers. 4 zoomers then dropped down to lower bracket finals where they faced bumble Bee's and won 2-1 to secure their rematch against Undying in the Grand finals.

After undying qualifying for TI 10 there will be 3 North American teams competing for the TI 10, as they joined their regional rivals Evil Geniuses and Qunicy Crew.

NA team Undying joined 17 other teams who will be competing for the $40 million prize pool tournament TI 10. Still Western Europe and China qualifiers are remaining and one team from each of these region will qualify for TI 10.

Undying's Current Dota 2 roster-

Timado Enzo Gianoli1

Bryle Jonathan De Guia2

SabeRLight Jonáš Volek3

MoonMeander David Boon Yang Tan4

DuBu DooYoung Kim


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