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Stewie2k, Autimatic and Rush back together, joins Evil Geniuses csgo team

The North American organization Evil Geniuses (EG) have signed stewie2k, rush and autimatic to their csgo roster. Along with these two EG also signed maLeK as their head coach in December, he was previously the head coach for G2 esports.

Evil geniuses complete new csgo roster, signs stewie2k, autimatic and rush

All these three players were the part of the Boston major winning cloud 9 roster and has very high experience with playing together which will help the entire roster in the early development. Stewie2k just left Team Liquid while Rush was the part of Complexity team. Autimatic has came back to csgo after playing for T1 in valorant and will be looking to re-ignite his csgo career.

How the new Evil Geniuses csgo roster look ?

This new roster will be leaded by stewie2k as the in game leader for the team, Cerq will remain the primary awper while the Brezhe will be the main star player for the team.

New EG csgo roster-

  • Brezhe

  • Cerq

  • Stewie2k - IGL

  • Autimatic

  • Rush

  • malek - coach

Fall and Rise of Evil Geniuses CSGO-

EG is one of the biggest North American esports organization which re-entered the csgo scene in 2019 by singing the NRG roster. That time the roster consisted of Ethan, Brezhe, Cerq, tarik and stainislaw, this roster rised to the top of North America as well as got major success in the international scene. In 2020 when Valorant came out this roster started to disintegrate and in the end only managed to keep Cerq and Brezhe as their core players. Now they are not considered a tier 1 team and struggled in NA region alone.

These new signings has potential to make this roster back to a tier 1 team instantly. As of now the main competetion of this eg team will be their regional rival Team Liquid who also has rebuilded their roster by singing shox, nitro and oSee.


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