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Sentinels re-sign Rawkus as their Head Coach | Valorant roster changes

Valorant team Sentinels has signed Rawkus as their head coach. This will be a resigning as Rawkus was the coach for Sentinels till VCT 2021 Champions after which they parted ways due to a disappointing run. Since then Sentinels played without a coach and looked a bit unorganised, this caused them to receive some backlashes from fans and other players which ultimately made them consider looking for a coach.

Rawkus back to coaching Sentinels-

Sentinels is without a doubt one of the most popular Valorant team in the world, therefore they also received a lot of backlash from fans after their disappointing run in 2022 so far. Sentinels failed to qualify for VCT Stage 1 Masters and now lost in VCT Stage 2 Challengers first open qualifiers. Sentinels decided to play without a coach after VCT 2021 Champions and had some bad results, this decision of playing without a coach was questioned by the fans and lots of pro players as well.

This bad run by Sentinels resulted in a roster change, they signed Kanpeki to replace the controller player Zombs. The benching of Zombs from the roster was done on a bad term, Zombs had some disagreements with other teammates regarding the team's motivation and other things. All these backlashes and controversies forced the organization and players to finally decide that they will resign their former coach Rawkus again as the head coach.

Sentinels IGL, Shazam on his stream discussed that they were talking with many other possible candidates for a few weeks but could not find someone suitable. So they decided to resign Rawkus as their head coach. Sentinels will now participate in second open qualifers for VCT NA stage 2 challengers.

Sentinels Valorant Roster-

After the signing of Kanpeki to replace Zombs and now a head coach signing, this is what the new Sentinels roster looks like-

  • TenZ

  • Sick

  • Dapr

  • Shazam (IGL)

  • Kanpeki

  • Rawkus (Head Coach)


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