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VCT Stage 2 NA Challengers: Open Qualifiers 1 result and qualified teams

The open qualifiers for VCT NA Stage 2 Challengers have finished with four teams qualifying for the main event of Valorant Champions Tour 2022 stage 2 North America. There were some major upsets in this qualifier, a total of 16 teams played for the four spots in VCT NA Stage 2 Challengers main event.

VCT NA Stage 2 open qualifiers result and qualified teams for challengers main event.

NRG, Faze, TSM and Luminosity join Optic, Cloud9, XSET and The Guard in VCT Stage 2 Main event, this leaves only four spots remaining in main stage which will be decided by second open qualifiers.

VCT NA Stage 2 open qualifiers result-

Out of 128 teams, 16 moved to the double-elimination brackets. The open qualifiers for NA Challengers started on April 28th. A total of 4 teams would have moved onto main event of Challenges, whereas the rest 12 teams moved on to second open qualifiers which will start from May 5th.

NRG and Faze had a clear upper bracket run to secure a spot in the main event of VCT Stage 2. NRG defeated Version 1 in upper final 2-0 and Faze beat TSM 2- in the qualifying series. From the lower bracket of open qualifiers, TSM and Luminosity managed to secure a top 4 finish and a spot in stage 2 NA Challengers. TSM managed to eliminate 100T in the decider series and Luminosity managed to upset Sentinels and Version 1 in their lower bracket run.

This was a disappointing run for the fan favourites, Sentinels. They had a disappointing run in Stage 1 Challengers as well according to their standards. They will now have a one more chance in second open qualifiers which will start on May 5th, Sentinels, V1 and 100T will be major favourites to qualify from the second open qualifiers but teams like Knights and GEN.G has potential to pull off an upset in qualifiers. Four teams will qualify from second qualifiers.

The main event of VCT Stage 2 NA Challengers will begin on May 13th and will have a $200,000 USD prize pool. A total of 12 teams will participate in stage 2 Challengers, eight from open qualifiers 1 and 2, four-team from stage 1 Challengers result.


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