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Nigma's final Dota 2 Roster for 2024 with Miracle and Sumail

Nigma Galaxy has completed their new Dota 2 Roster with the some old and new faces. After their massive announcement of signing Sumail and Miracle as their midlaner and carry player on December 22, they have revealed their final Dota 2 team.

Nigma has signed Malaysian player 'Ghost' from Xtreme Gaming as their pos 3 offlane player. They have also moved rmN- to pos 4 support role. He was their coach in former Nigma teams and sometimes played as the substitute.

Nigma Galaxy 2024 Dota 2 Team

  • Miracle

  • Sumail

  • Ghost

  • rmN-

  • Kuroky

These are the new players role wise (position 1 to 5) that will start the 2024 season for Nigma Galaxy.

Fans are a bit disappointed by this roster. While the the first two announcement of Miracle and Sumail as core duo pumped up the fans, the remaining three player have made fans a bit frustrated. According to fans, the support duo of rmN- and Kuroky will make this Nigma team very slow as none of these player are known for fast playstyle and creating aggressive plays. The game of their new offlaner, Ghost will decide whether this team will function properly or not, his playstyle will decide the success of this team. We all know what to expect from their star players Miracle and Sumail, Ghost's playstyle will need to be complementary to them.

This roster of Nigma Galaxy will be hopefully debuting in DreamLeague S22 MENA qualifiers and after that in BetBoom Dacha Dubai MENA qualifications on January 9th and 11th respectively.


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