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Miracle and Sumail returns for Nigma Galaxy Dota 2

The Nigma Galaxy Dota 2 teams has gone through a massive rebuild and added the biggest Dota 2 stars to their team. Miracle and Sumail are now back again with the Nigma along with the Kuroky.

Miracle and Sumail back to Nigma Dota 2 team

Nigma Dota 2 new roster-

Nigma had been disappointing for the fans for the last few years as they failed to have any results in tier 1 Dota. Nigma Galaxy had one of the biggest Dota 2 fan base in the world but their results were bringing them a lot of controversies.

Nigma announced in mid-December that they have removed Yuma, Mikey, GH, and Mind Control from their active roster. Only KuroKy, the team captain stayed with the roster, which got a lot of harsh criticism from fans.

Their first addition to their new Dota 2 roster was the return of Sumail "The King" of Dota 2. Sumail last played with Chinese team Aster and showed the world that he is still one of the most skilled Dota 2 players in the world. After this, they announced that Miracle- would be back to the main roster after taking a break from the Dota 2 for a long time. Fans are hoping that Miracle will have full motivation and drive to win in the competitive Dota 2 once again.

This star duo of Miracle and Sumail has fans crazy as they are potentially the two most skilled Dota 2 players in the history of Dota 2 esports. The Nigma will soon announce their two remaining players which will be Offlaner and Pos 4 support players.

So after this massive announcement, this is what the current Nigma Galaxy Dota 2 Roster looks like-

It is still not clear what will be the roles of Sumail and Miracle in Nigma. As both of them had played Mid and Carry roles in their career, in the final roster any of them can be on any of these two roles. But most likely as Sumail will be the midlaner and Miracle will be the Carry player for Nigma Dota 2.


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