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Neuvillette Kit and Guide - Best Artifacts, Teams and Builds | Genshin Impact Leaks

The Genshin Impact version 4.1 is releasing soon with new characters Neuvillette and Wriothesley, a new map area for Fontaine and main quests. As usual, the players are excited about the newer characters and want to get early information so that they can decide whether to save or not for Neuvillette. Version 4.1 of Genshin Impact will be released on September 27th.

Genshin impact Neuvillette guide

Version 4.1 of Genshin Impact will bring two new characters to the game - Neuvillette and Wriothesley. The first phase character will be Neuvillette with the rerun banner of Hutao, while the second phase will be Wriothesley release with Venti rerun. Neuvillette easily has the potential to become the best DPS character in the Genshin Impact.

Neuvillette complete Kit and Playstyle revealed

The chief justice of Fontaine, Neuvillette will be a 5-star Hydro character with a Catalyst weapon. He will be on field hyper carry and will scale completely on max HP. His damage will mainly be from his charged attacks which are unique to him unlike any other animation and charge attack type before.

Charged Attack: Equitable Judgment

Deals continuous hydro damage in an AOE line in front of him.

He will charge for a certain duration and absorb the source water droplet around him in this form, he will also be able to move during charging up. Picking up source water droplets will reduce the charging time and heal Neuvillette. Consuming three source water droplets will instantly charge the charge attack.

If the charging is complete he will unleash the charge attack as Equitable Judgment for 3 seconds and around 8-9 damage instances. If his HP is above 50% he will also continuously lose HP.

Elemental Skill: O Tears, I shall Repay

He will summon a waterfall dealing hydro damage based on his max HP and will create three source water droplets.

12 seconds cooldown.

Elemental Burst: O Tide, I have Returned

Unleashes wave that will deal massive damage based on his max HP in an AOE and after that will summon two waterfalls that will deal more damage and generate 6 water source droplets.

18 seconds cooldown, 70 energy cost.

Ascension Passive talents

  • After triggering a hydro related reaction- Vaporize, Frozen, Bloom, Electro-charged, hydro swirl and hydro crystallize will give one stack of Past Draconic Glories. Max 3 stacks, will last for 30 seconds. This will increase his charge attack: Equitable Judgment damage by 110%/130%/160% of its original damage.

  • Each 1% of Neuvilletes HP over 30%, will gain a 0.6% hydro damage bonus. A maximum of 30% hydro damage ouns can be achieved this way.

Neuvillette Rotation and Gameplay

His rotation is quite long for the most efficient damage so do keep in mind to match other characters with similar length rotation.

Neuvillette skill - swirl hydro - setup other character abilities - Neuvillette Charge attack - Swirl Hydro - Neuvillette burst - two charge attack


Neuvillette Best Weapons

His best-in-slot weapon will be his signature weapon - Tome of the Eternal Flow. It will give him 88% crit damage, charge attack damage, HP and Energy.

His best free-to-play option will be the Mondstadt craftable catalyst - Prototype Amber. It will give him 41.3% HP, energy and some healing for the whole team.


Neuvillette best Artifact and builds

The current best Artifact set for Neuvillette is the Marechaussee Hunter (new Fontaine Set) set. He will be easily able to complete the four-piece condition of gaining and losing HP to gain 36% crit rate and the two-piece will increase his charged attack damage by 15%.

Heart of Depth 4-piece set will also be a solid option for him, giving him a hydro damage bonus and a Charged attack damage bonus.

Another viable option will be using broken sets on him like a 2-piece HP% set with another 2-piece HP% set a 2-piece Charged attack set or a 2-piece hydro damage bonus set.

As for the artifact sub-stat for Neuvillete, he has some of the highest multipliers in the game so stacking HP will be very good for him with good crit stats. Energy Recharge will be also good in sub-stats as his burst cost 70 energy.

For Sands - HP%, with good crit values

For Goblet - Hydro Damage bonus with HP%, crit sub stat

For Circlet - you can either go with crit circlet with good HP roles or an HP circlet with crit roles. Depending on your better piece both are viable.


Neuvillette Best Teams

Neuvillette is an on-field hydro DPS and requires hydro reactions in his team for maximum damage output. As of Version 4.1, these are his best teams.

Neuvillette Hyper Carry team -

  • Neuvillette + Kazuha(anemo support) + Zhongli(Archaic Petra artifact) + off-field Electro(Fischl/Yae Miko)

This team will take the benefit of his ascension talent by triggering three hydro reaction and giving him a 160% charge attack damage bonus. Whereas Kazuha and Zhongli will also buff his individual damage.

  • Neuvillette + Kazuha(anemo support) + Zhongli(Archaic Petra artifact) + Mona

In this team, instead of doing three reactions, we will only be able to do two reactions giving him a 130% charge attack damage bonus. But Mona's burst will buff his damage, also Moan will be a good battery for Neuvillette. In this team, we will also get 25% HP bonus because of hydro resonance.

Neuvillette hyper bloom team-

Neuvillette has decent hydro application so, he can work in a hyperbloom team.

  • Neuvillette + Dendro applier (Nahida/Yao Yao) + EM Kuki/ Raiden + Zhongli/Kazuha

This team will deal good damage outside of Neuvillette as well through hyperbloom reaction. Neuvillette will get three reaction stacks as well as one buff from the final flex character.


Is Neuvillette worth pulling?

Yes, Neuvillette is one of the strongest characters in Genshin Impact and will improve your account. He has some of the highest damage scaling with HP and has the potential to be the best hyper-carry in the game. But do keep in mind that Genshin is not a competitive game, you should pull for the characters you like design and story wise.


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