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Navi vs Vitality Blast Premier Spring Grand Final: Preview, Predictions, Schedule, Stream

Blast Premier Spring Finals 2022 has reached its final stage. Navi and Vitality won their semi-finals and will face each other in the Grand finals of Blast Spring Finals on Sunday, June 19th. G2 Esports and OG Esports were eliminated from the playoffs of Blast Premier Spring with a top 4 place finish and USD 40,000 in winning.

The winner of Blast Spring Finals will win USD 200,000 and direct spot in Blast Premier World Finals 2022.

blast premier spring finals 2022 grand finals

Navi vs Vitality: Grand Finals Blast premier Spring

Navi after losing their opening game against OG had a clean run to reach the grand finals of Blast Premier Springs. They dominated world number 1 Faze Clan in the quarterfinals and won 2-0 (Dust II 16-2 and Inferno 16-1), in the semi-final they beat OG 2-1 and took revenge for group stage defeat.

Navi also reached the grand finals in Blast Spring finals 2021 but lost to Gambit, this year they look to take the title.

Vitality, just like Navi finished third in their group. They beat world number 2 ENCE in the quarterfinals then took down G2 Esports in the semi-finals. These grand finals will be a great show in between two of the world's best players, S1mple and Zywoo. The young French superstar, Zywoo will finally be looking to overcome the obstacle of s1mple to secure the title of Blast Premier Spring Finals 2022.

The Grand finals will be live-streamed on Twitch and YouTube on Blast Premier's official channels.

Navi vs Vitality Blast premier Grand final predictions

Going into these finals Navi will be playing with a stand-in Sdy due to the recent Boombl4 controversy, therefore Electronic has taken the role of IGL for the Navi. Despite these changes, Navi is looking great and will be favoured to win the grand finals over Vitality.

On the betting sites, Navi is favored with odds of around 1.4 to 3.0 over Vitality. Check out BetUS for a bonus on your first deposit.

In the recent results, Navi has prevailed over Vitality. Navi eliminated Vitality in Blast premier world finals 2021, Vitality will be looking to avenge that loss. But this time Vitality has added some big names from Danish csgo. When the last time Lisbon hosted the Blast event in 2018, Astralis and Navi faced each other in the grand finals, where Astralis defeated Navi. Dupreeh, Magisk and Zonic were part of that Astralis roster and now they are part of Vitality, so their is one more revenge story on the line in these grand finals.


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