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Boombl4 divorces wife, controversy explained. Why was Boombl4 kicked from Navi?

Kirill “Boombl4” Mikhaylov is getting surrounded by high controversies due to his wife and their marriage. After his sudden removal from the NAVI Csgo team, the details and reasons are now coming out transparently on social media. He was the captain and IGL for the world number 1 CSGO team NAVI and had great success with them.

Boombl4 divorces wife, drama explained

Boombl4 and his wife got divorced after recently getting married. After winning the PGL Stockholm Major in November 2021, Boombl4 proposed to his girlfriend in front of everyone. Later she accepted and both after two months got married. She was an adult entertainer before their relationship. His friends and family members were not happy with his sudden decision to marry at such a young age. His teammates and family members revealed on social media that they warned him to not marry her from the beginning as they suspected that the money was her motive for this marriage.

Boombl4 claimed that his wife blackmailed him

In April of 2022 the couple was looking to get divorced as the relationship was getting more and more toxic but they reconciled after a few days. His wife uses LiQueen handle on social media, she claimed that she was getting physically abused, she claimed that Boombl4 broke her tooth, and also accused him of being unfaithful. She also leaked Boombl4's personal images, also she claimed that he was a drug addict and posted some images in which 'supposedly' Boombl4 is using drugs.

Boombl4 denied all these claims and claimed that he was getting blackmailed by her with "various photos/videos and also a huge amount of fake information". On June 8th they got divorced and Boombl4 gave a brief idea of what was happening. He is also going to file libel suits against his ex-wife.

Why was Boombl4 removed from Navi?

The reason Navi kicked Boombl4 was that his wife (ex) supported the war openly on social media, Navi being a big name and the organization decided to kick Boombl4 for reputational reasons. Boombl4’s wife posted photos of herself on social media with the Russian flag painted onto her face along with a patriotic message. And Navi being a mixed roster of Ukrainian and Russian players has a very sensitive position in the region's politics.


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