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LOUD vs Optic in Grand Finals of VCT Stage 1 Masters today, ZETA eliminated

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Optic defeat ZETA Division 3-0 in lower bracket finals to secure a spot in Grand Finals of VCT 2022 Stage 1 Iceland Masters. Optic will now face LOUD in Grand Finals of VCT Masters on Sunday, April 24th. Valorant's brand new agent. 'FADE' will be revealed during the final day of VCT Stage 1 Masters. Optic's Marved was lower final's MVP.

Optic vs LOUD in grand finals of VCT Stage 1 Masters

ZETA's Cinderella run came to end as they finish the Reykjavik Masters with a 3rd place finish, 400 VCT points and $85,000 USD. ZETA is the team with the most number of elimination in VCT Masters, in group stages they eliminated Fnatic and NiP. After loosing in first round of playoffs they found themselves in the lower bracket where they had an insane run, in their lower bracket run ZETA eliminated Liquid, DRX and Paper Rex.

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Optic vs ZETA Result lower final: VCT Stage 1 Masters-

Japan's ZETA Division faced NA's tournament favourites Optic in lower bracket finals, the winner of this best of 5 series would have secured the final spot in grand finals against Brazil's LOUD.

The first map of the series was Haven, ZETA was up by 11-5 in this game but Optic managed to pull off an insane comeback to force the OT where they won 15-13 in the second overtime. Second map of the series was Fracture, Optic still remains unbeaten on this map as they won 13-5 to take a 2-0 lead in series. Third map of this series was Bind, yet again Optic showed everyone why they are the favourites to win this event. Optic took the third map 13-8 and won the series with a clean sweep of 3-0.

Optic are now in the grand finals of VCT Stage 1 Reykjavik Masters, they will face LOUD in grand finals on April 24th, Sunday at 17:00 GMT.


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