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Optic wins Reykjavik Masters | VCT STage1 Masters final result

First Masters of 2022 VCT has ended with Optic Gaming winning 3-0 in the grand finals over LOUD. Optic lifts the trophy of Reykjavik Masters and $200,000 USD prize money. North American team Optic has now won their first ever international tournament.

Optic wins VCT 2021 Stage 1 Masters Iceland, beat LOUD in grand finals of VCT masters

Optic has been without a doubt the most consistent team in the world, with their performance as a team and individually. Other than Stage 2 Masters in 2021 they attend all other VCT international events and now finally the winner of an international VCT event themselves.

Optic vs LOUD Grand Final result- VCT 2022 Stage 1 Masters

Brazil's number 1 seed faced NA's second seed in the VCT 2022 Stage 1 Iceland Masters grand finals. Both these teams also faced each other in upper final, where LOUD took the 2-1 victory and qualified for grand finals, leaving Optic in lower bracket. Optic then managed to beat ZETA 3-0 to move on to grand finals and secure their rematch against LOUD.

Grand Finals of VCT Masters was a best of 5 series, first map of the series was Ascent, Optic took a 10-2 lead at halftime and managed to close out the map with a score of 13-9 in their favour. Second map of the series was Bind, after a tough first half, LOUD managed to force overtime, but Optic took this map 14-12 to gain a 2-0 lead in series.

Third map of the series was Breeze and again both these teams found themselves in overtime. Optic managed to once again clutch out the map in second overtime and won 15-13. With this win Optic clean swept the series 3-0 against LOUD and became the VCT Stage 1: Iceland Masters Champions.

Optic's journey of becoming VCT Masters Champions-

Optic were representing NA as the second seed and were placed in the group stages of VCT 2022 Stage 1 Masters. After loosing their opening game against Xerxia, Optic beat KRU and took revenge against Xerxia to qualify for playoffs.

VCT Stage 1 masters playoffs final results

In the playoffs they first took revenge against NA #1 seed , The Guard and beat them 2-1 in quarterfinals. In upper semi-finals they beat tournament favourites DRX 2-1 to move onto upper finals. LOUD managed to stop the Optic in upper finals and won 2-1, Optic then found themselves in lower final against fan favourites ZETA Division. Optic clean swept ZETA 3-0 in a BO5 series to secure their rematch against LOUD in grand finals.

Optic were the finalist in VCT 2021 Stage 2 Masters in Berlin, where they failed to beat Gambit to win the title. In VCT 2021 champions they had a disappointed performance and got eliminated in group stages. but their consistency throughout the 2021 has now made them the VCT 2021 Stage 1 Masters Champions.


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