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KOVOL Sprint GaN Desktop Charger review 2022 | Should you buy a multi device charger ?

A multi device charger can replace all the power adapters of your devices and can solve your problem to manage all the chargers. Such a device with a high power output and compact design is KOVOL Sprint GaN desktop charger, here is our hands on review of this charger.

KOVOL GaN desktop charger review
image via KOVOL

KOVOL sprint desktop charger review-

KOVOL sprint is a multi device charging adapter with a high power output and compact design. KOVOL sprint comes in two power options - 120W and 65W. KOVOL sprint is a multi device charger which is compact in size and provide sufficient power to charge your mobile devices, laptops which support USB C charging like macbooks and Dell XPS series, ipads, tablets and many more devices.

This desktop charger will help you to replace multiple power bricks and adapters with a single compact and clean unit which will remove all the wire clutters. KOVOL sprint provide fast and quick charging for your devices (if they support) and can easily replace the power adapter of your device without any sacrifice.

Features of KOVOL Sprint desktop charger-

KOVOL desktop charger supported devices
image via KOVOL

  • Kovol sprint has 4 ports - 2 USB C and2 USB A.

  • Support the overcharge protection, intelligent and optimal power distribution.

  • It has a very compact size of 46 x 46 x 85mm/1.81 x 1.81 x 3.35 inches and uses GaN tech.

  • Comes with a 1.5 meter input cable.

  • 120W unit cost $99.99 and 65W unit will cost $49.99 (New customer will get a 20% discount on

Power distribution-

For 120W charger USB C port can provide 100W of maximum output. While using 2 USB C ports, both the ports can provide 60W output each. The USB A port will provide QC 18W output.

  • USB C - PD 100W / 65W / 60 W/ 20W

  • USB A - QC 18W

For 65W charger USB C port can provide 65W of maximum output. While using 2 USB C ports PD will be 45W + 20W. The USB A port will provide maximum output of QC 18W while using alone.

  • USB C - PD 65W / 45W / 20W

  • USB A - QC 18W / 15W / (7.5W + 7.5W)

* The final power output will also depend on the device which is connected.

What is a GaN charger ?

GaN stands for Gallium Nitrdie, the main purpose of this material is to build semi conductors which produce less heat. Due to low heat generation the components can be put together closer and the device can be built very compact without sacrificing safety and performance.

KOVOL desktop GaN charger reviews
image via KOVOL

Many manufacturers are shifting to GaN for their chargers and adapters and it is safe to say that this technology would be the future of chargers. Kovol is one of the brands which uses GaN in their chargers to built them compact, practical and safe.

Should you purchase a multi device charger ?

In present world, technology is a very big part. In your work place and homes the use of gadgets is increasing. With multiple devices it can be very frustrating to manage all the chargers and wires, also using multiple devices simultaneously may require multiple wall sockets at a single place. In this situation a powerful and compact multi device charger like KOVOL Sprint desktop charger will be very handy.

A multi device charger is a very good choice for those who struggle to manage multiple power bricks and want a clean and clutter free set up. Also for those who use multiple devices at the same time this charger can be a solid choice.

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