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It Takes Two Review

This beauty of a game is created by Hazelight Studios. This is a two player co-op game and played side by side. This game is a must play and here is why-

It Takes Two Story-

This game is focused on a couple Cody and May. Their marriage is in jeopardy, their daughter Rose bought a book of love which is magical and which causes the couple to become a doll. To go back to normal Cody and May have to work together. The game is based on to bring them back close.

It Takes Two gameplay-

The gameplay is one of the most strongest point of this game. This game features tones of content to play, a lot of mini games, puzzles and a lot of other stuff. To progress in this game both the players must have a good coordination and communication while playing. The puzzles are designed very smartly and sometimes require the players to dive in their brain to solve them.


This game is just gorgeous. The graphics of this game is at a level of any high production movie. The environment and details are just on another level. Every world has its own unique identity and features. If you love a good graphic game then this is a must try game for you.


The story may not seem to be a bit engaging to you, but the gameplay and graphics cover up for that. But before you dive into this game you must know that this is pretty long and can be a tiring game. This game is one of the best one for sure this year so far and a must to check out with your friends.

Developer: Hazelight Studios Publisher: Electronic Arts Platforms: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, Microsoft Windows Price: INR 2,499


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