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How much streamers earn? Twitch streamer earning leaked

The biggest gaming and streaming platform Amazon's Twitch got hacked and a had major leak on October 6th. This leak included the monthly and past 2 years earnings of streamers from Twitch. Twitch confirmed this by stating that a "malicious third party" was able to access the information due to some technical issue and errors.

how much twitch streamers earn.

This list only account for the income of streamers from twitch only i.e. through twitch monetisation and subscribers. The majority part of the top streamers earning is through sponsors, donations, merch, videos and content on YouTube, monetising their social media like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and some other off twitch activities.

How much twitch streamers earn -

In the leaked data there was information of top 100 highest paid streamers on twitch from August 2019 to October 2021. CriticalRole, a group of voice actors was the top earning channel during this period, they earned around 9.6 million USD. Former Overwatch pro xQcOW leads the individual streamers with a earning of around 8.5 millions USD during this period.

The data also had the information of the twitch Payout in September 2021 to the streamers, the Canadian streamer xQcOW had a whooping $752,467 USD earning in one month just by Twitch only, this does not include donations and sponsors.

Here is the list of famous streamers earning in September 2021 by Twitch-

twitch streamers earring


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