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DRX destroys ZETA in opening game of VCT Stage 1 Masters - Iceland 2022

VCT 2022 Stage 1 Masters has officially begins as Korea's DRX took the opening game of event against ZETA Division of Japan.

VCT stage 1 Iceland Masters result 2022

DRX faced Zeta Division in the group A game of VCT Iceland Masters. DRX the edge in this matchups as they had a lot of experience on LAN events (formerly competed as Vision Strikers), whereas this is ZETA's first ever international event.


DRX vs ZETA VCT Stage Masters Results-

The group A of the VCT Masters has 4 teams - DRX, ZETA, Fnatic and NiP, from these four teams two will move onto playoffs. DRX and Zeta faced each other in opening game, the groups are double elimination style.

First map of the series was Icebox, Zeta's pick. DRX destroyed the Japanese side and took a 13-2 victory. Second map Haven was also the exact same story as DRX wins 13-3 to take the series 2-0. DRX's Mako had an exceptional series on his Viper and Omen, he had a score of 37/12/9 across two maps.

DRX are now in the winner's game of group A where they will face the winner of Fnatic vs NiP in the qualification gamer. Zeta still has one more chance as they will face the looser of Fnatic vs NiP in lower bracket.


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