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7 Best Budget Gaming Keyboards in 2023 | Budget Mechanical Gaming Keyboards

Updated: Jul 20

Finding a good Budget Gaming Keyboard can be hard. A good gaming experience requires a good well-rounded machine and a good gaming keyboard is a big part of it. A good mechanical gaming keyboard costs over $100, therefore with great research we have put together some of the best gaming keyboards with mechanical and mechanical feel-like switches on a budget.

Best budget gaming keyboards to buy on amazon

In this list, we have keyboards from well-known and trustworthy brands like Razor, Steelseries, Corsair as well as Redragon. Here are our top picks for a great gaming keyboard on a budget.

Best Gaming Keyboard: Good Quality and Cheap

1. Razer Ornata V1

Razer's entry line gaming keyboard for a very affordable price. This keyboard uses hybrid mechanical key switches. This keyboard is available at the price of $50.

  • Magnetic Detachable plush wrist rest

  • Individually backlit keys with Chroma RGB customization

  • Durable Construction Supports up to 80 million clicks backed by a 2-year

  • Mecha-Membrane switches provide a tactile effect similar to a mechanical key

2. Redragon k552 Mechanical 87 key

The Redragon K552 is one of the most affordable gaming keyboards with mechanical switches. This keyboard is available for under $40 on Amazon.

  • 87 key TKL keyboard

  • Red, Brown and Blue Mechanical Switches

  • Rainbow LED RGB backlit with 19 different lighting effects

  • Anti Ghosting for all keys

  • Ergonomic and Compact design

  • Not the best quality mechanical switches which is expected with this budget

3. Corsair K55

Corsair K55 is this premium brand's entry-level keyboard and has a beautiful modern design.

  • Quiet and Responsive keys with a tactile bump, for a mechanical key-like experience

  • 6 customizable Macro Keys

  • 5 different lighting zone

  • Dedicated multimedia controls

  • Detachable rubber palm rest

  • IP42-rated dust and spill resistance

4. Redragon K556 Mechanical 104 Key

K556 is a full-sized mechanical keyboard with brown switches. A very durable keyboard with a solid aluminium frame.

  • 18 backlit modes

  • full metal frame, very durable

  • soft tactile brown mechanical switches

  • Anti ghosting 104 keys

5. Steel Series Apex 3

Steel Series' most affordable keyboard, comes at under a price tag of $50.

  • Whisper quiet tactile gaming switches

  • 10 zone RGB illumination

  • IP32 water resistance

  • Premium magnetic wrist rest

  • Dedicated Multimedia controls

6. Black Shark Mechanical Keyboard

This is one of the most affordable mechanical gaming keyboard you can get out there. It comes with blue and red mechanical switches at a price of $40.

  • 104 Anti-ghosting keys

  • features key backlight and surrounding light bar, 12 different backlight effects

  • A newer not so well known brand

  • Modern minimalistic design

7. Redragon k582 Surara

The Redragon k582 is a full-size mechanical keyboard that comes with red mechanical key switches.

  • These Red switches require less force to press down and the keys feel smoother and easier to use. No tactile "bump" but responsive.

  • 104 Anti-ghosting keys

  • Dynamic RGB Backlight: 6 backlight themes and 18 backlight models

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The market offers a wide variety of gaming keyboards to choose from. First, you have to decide whether you need a mechanical keyboard or a membrane keyboard is enough for you. If you need a good mechanical keyboard you have to go for a higher price range but a membrane keyboard of a good brand like Razer and Corsair will be available at a very affordable budget. It is no doubt that a mechanical keyboard will give you a better experience but a good membrane keyboard can be a good choice for you.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Budget Gaming Keyboard on Amazon?

Redragon k552 is one of the best gaming keyboard you can purchase on Amazon with a tight budget. It is a ten-key less keyboard with mechanical switches. It is compact, has RGB lighting, a solid metal build, multiple key choices and a compact but sturdy design.

Cheapest Corsair Gaming Keyboard?

Corsair K55 is the cheapest gaming keyboard from CORSAIR. It is a membrane gaming keyboard, full-size keyboard with dedicated media keys, solid build and a comes with a rubber palm rest.

Mechanical vs Membrane Keyboards: Which one to buy?

The difference between Mechanical and Membrane Keyboards is the Key that is used in the keyboard.

  • The Mechanical Keyboard uses mechanical switches beneath every keycap which provide tactile and audible feedback. Membrane Keyboard uses a rubber dome or membrane beneath the keycaps.

  • Mechanical Keyboards are more tactile and have sound feedback.

  • Mechanical Keyboards are also more durable but also are much more expensive than the Membrane Keyboard.

  • Membrane Keyboards are more portable as they are lighter and thinner than a typical Mechanical keyboard.

Which type of keyboard to buy solely depends on your budget and preference. While the majority of people prefer the tactile feel of a Mechanical Keyboard, a Membrane keyboard can also be a good choice for a gaming keyboard.

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