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Zeta wins VCT Japan stage 3, qualifies for Berlin Masters

VCT Japan Stage 3 Challengers Playoffs came to an end as Zeta Division beat Crazy Racoon in grand finals 3-2.

This was an upset for Crazy Racoon's as they were the favourites going into this matchup. CR were the Stage 3 Challengers Playoffs winner and were the only team from Japan region in Stage 2 Masters Reykjavik. Both CR and Zeta are qualified for Berlin Masters, Zeta Division beat Northeption in lower bracket final to qualify for Berlin.

Crazy Racoons vs Zeta Division Grand Finals Result | VCT Stage 3 Japan Challengers Playoffs-

CR faced Zeta in Grand finals of Challengers Playoffs, CR were the favourites going into this series as they hadn't lost a single map in the event going into finals. It was a best of 5 series and it went all five games, as the higher seed CR removed Bind from the series. Zeta pulled off an upset and won this incredible series 3-2.

This result doesn't had any impact on there chances to qualify for Stage 3 masters, both teams were already qualified for the Berlin Masters and will represent Japan amongst the world's best. Also one of these two teams will qualify for the VCT 2021 Championship, depending upon their performance in Berlin as both teams are currently in top 2 of Japan leader board and Zeta has a chance to move to number 1 if they perform better in Berlin Masters.

After winning VCT stage 3 Japan Challenges Playoffs, Zeta took the grand prize of $9,055 and Crazy Racoon got $4,528.


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