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Why Dota 2 is the Most Toxic game | Which is the Most toxic game?

Valve's Dota 2 has one of the biggest esports scene but the pubs and regular ranked games can have a lot of toxicity and toxic players. Dota 2 can easily be considered the most toxic games among the top titles which are already well developed and has a large player base.

Many will argue that the reddit or community of other games are more toxic than Dota 2, but in this article we are arguing only on the in-game and ranked game aspect of Dota 2 and the experience of a regular player playing a Dota 2 ranked game.

More than 85% of players have reported some sort of harassment in Dota 2. Players have experienced things like physical threats, stalking, and other forms of harassment when gaming, break this down by game – and it looks like Dota 2 players seem to have experienced the most.

In terms of identity-based harassment, female players believed they’d experienced harassment because of their gender, LGBTQ+ players because of their sexual orientation. African American and Latinx players reported harassment based on their ethnicities respectively, both Jewish and Muslim players because of their religion.

Most toxic regions-

  • SEA (South East Asia)

  • Russia

  • Peru and South America

  • North America

Dota 2 for new players-

What to expect from Dota 2 as a new player ?

Dota 2 is widely considered one of the hardest game to master for a new player as well as any experienced player, as the learning curve for this game is very steep. You have to learn all the mechanics, how every item works and learn abilities of all the 119 heroes (each hero have more than 4 abilities).

For a new player jumping into an overwhelming game of Dota 2 can be very toxic, as the players will not considered that you are new to this game. For every minor mistake you will have to face a ton of back seating and toxic behaviour.

To play ranked games in Dota 2 you must have 100+ hours of in-game playing time in unranked mode which is a lot for any new player. So many players just buy or rent the account which already have 100 hours of playing time , this causes them to play in higher rank than their skill level and this causes a toxic game for both the account buyer and all other players.

Smurfing and cheating issues are very common for new players in low rank games like in every other game.

Tilting in Dota 2-

Dota 2 has very high average age player base especially in higher rank. It's a competitive game with hour long matches on average. People invest their pride and other emotions in them, so some people get upset when things don't go their way. Often players make this worse and find ranked match after ranked match only to become more and more tilted creating a chain reaction called 'tilt chain queue'.

Alongside this people react aggressively to the games popularity in places like Russia and Peru because players will often migrate from their local poorly run servers to ones in NA and EU.

In a competitive team game people have a hard time accepting that certain things put victory out of their personal grasp and they will gladly become toxic to cope.

Griefing in Dota 2 is very easy, any player can easily ruin the game for others. Feeding to opposition is one of the most common way along with going afk, wasting wards, smokes and tomes. Players get offended very easily in Dota 2 , whenever their is any small argument among players they just start to grief the game for others.

MMR system in Dota 2-

The MMR system of Dota 2 is on of the more clear and well made among others. Players can see their MMR changing after every game, players get +- 30 for every game and after seeing their MMR decrease players will try to regain their previous MMR of the day and start to chain queue which cause them to tilt more and become more toxic.

Also after reaching highest rank bracket Immortal players start getting individual ranks which make the game more competitive and more serious in higher rank. Players start grinding to get top rank in their region and try very hard in every game, so whenever there is any account buyer or boosted player in game or someone just doesn't play well the game becomes very toxic.


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