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VP beat Copenhagen flames in opening game of IEM Katowice 2022 group stage

CIS squad of Virtus Pro won 2-0 in group A opening series of IEM Katowice 2022 against Copenhagen flames. VP will now face NiP/Gambit in upper bracket round 2 whereas Cph are dropped down in lower bracket. VP won the bo3 series 2-0 : Vertigo 16-9 and Inferno 16-10.

VP was one of the teams which were directly placed in group stages through EU road to Katowice. On the other hand Cph Flames fought their way through play-ins where they Fnatic and NiP to secure a spot in Group Stages. VP are now in upper bracket round 3 and if they win that series they will qualify for the playoffs otherwise they will get one more chance in lower bracket. Copenhagen Flames will need to win 3 consecutive series in lower bracket to qualify for playoffs quarterfinals.

Three teams from each group will move onto playoff stages. The winner of each group will be placed in semi-final whereas the other two in quarterfinals. Playoffs will be single elimination bracket, the winner of IEM Katowice will take $400,000 USD with them also each team will receive ESL pro and Blast Premier points according to their performance.


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